“When maintaining peace and order amongst the Russian people, the Cossacks always drew their strength from the Orthodox faith. The Russian Orthodox Church blessed the military feats of its faithful sons who were ready to sacrifice their lives on battlefields. It is very important that nowadays the Cossacks remain faithful to original Orthodox traditions. Without faith, without spiritual eagerness, without true reliance upon spiritual and moral values, it is not only impossible to revive the Cossacks, but the Cossack culture itself cannot exist.
The Cossack culture is not only about external distinctive symbols and signs; the Cossack culture is a lifestyle, formed under the spiritual influence of the Orthodox faith. That is why I, having realized the importance of the revival of the Cossacks, made the decision to take the Russian Cossack community under my special spiritual guidance.
Who else would the Church rely on if not on you? Your fathers and grandfathers proved their loyalty to the Church and the Fatherland with blood. Today the time has come for close cooperation between the Church and the Cossack community for the sake of our people. It is time to consolidate our strengths, dear friends. In these times the country is in need of the support of the Cossacks”.

From the speech by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill at the visiting session of the Council for Cossack Affairs under the President of the Russian Federation in Novocherkassk on October 14, 2009.