The International Foundation for the Support of Cossacks was created in October 2009 on the initiative of the Union of Cossack Military Societies with support from the Council for Cossack Affairs under the President of the Russian Federation.

In accordance with the Charter, the Foundation has its Representative Establishments in each federal district. In all Cossack military societies, authorized representatives of the Foundation are appointed.

The main goal of the Foundation is to provide financial, organizational and intellectual support to Cossack revival and development programs in the Russian Federation and abroad. The Foundation works to:

- Consolidate Russian and foreign Cossack entities. The development of cultural centers enables the Cossacks residing in the Russian Federation and abroad to work together. This includes the creation of branches and the opening of representative establishments of the Foundation outside of the Russian Federation.

- Preserve the historical and spiritual values of the Cossacks, including supporting the restoration and construction of Orthodox churches in areas of compact settlement of Cossack communities. Return Cossack relics and cultural values to Russia.

- Provide assistance to Cossack entities regarding cooperation with federal governmental authorities, governmental authorities of the Subjects of the Russian Federation, local self-governing bodies regarding the development of the Cossack culture, including the organization of a public appraisal of federal and regional laws, regulations and concepts which determine the content of state policy with respect to the Cossacks.

- Support talent amongst young Cossacks and create the conditions for this talent to develop. Provide assistance for the creation and development of a support system for Cossack educational institutions. Participate in the organization of military-patriotic training in order to prepare the Cossack youth for military service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
- Organize programs to create a favorable image of the Russian Federation abroad with the active participation of the Cossacks residing outside of the RF.

The Managerial bodies of the Foundation are: General Meeting of the Founders – the supreme managerial body of the Foundation and the Management Board of the Foundation – the collegial executive managerial body of the Foundation.
The Chairman of the Management Board of the Foundation – Antonenko Nikolay Grigorievich, Lieutenant General of Reserve, Deputy Director of the Russia-NATO Center.

The General Director of the Foundation – Kreymer Mikhail Dmitrievich, president of the autonomous non-commercial organization “Informational and Analytical Agency MiC – Marketing and Consulting”, president of the Collegium of Military Experts.
The Members of the Management Board of the Foundation are:

- Antonenko Nikolay Georgievich, Lieutenant General of Reserve, Deputy Director of the Russia-NATO Center;

- Kreymer Mikhail Dmitrievich – Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the Foundation;

- Vladimirov Alexandr Ivanovich – Major General, Vice-President of the Collegium of Military Experts of Russia, Chairman of the All-Russia Union of Cadet Entities, secretary of the Management Board of the Foundation;

- Buldakov Alexei Ivanovich – People’s Artist of Russia;

- Vodolatsky Viktor Petrovich – Member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Committee on social policy, science, culture and humanitarian issues of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia;

- Deinekin Petr Stepanovich – General of the Army, Russian Hero, honored military pilot of the USSR, Commander-in-Chief of the RF Air Force 1991-1998, Head of the Department of the President’s Administration of the of the RF for Cossack Affairs 1998-2003;

- Kizyun Nikolai Fadeevich – Colonel General, advisor to the Director of the Military University of the RF Ministry of Defense;

- Ostryagin Anatoly Ivanovich – Member of the State Duma of the RF, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the Affairs of Nationalities, honored geologist of the RF;

- Adokhin Boris Afanasievich – Director of the Moscow Center for Social Adaptation of Governmental Employees dismissed from military service from law-enforcement authorities, and their family members.
Supervisory Body of the Foundation – Guardian Council. Chairman of the Guardian Council – Chentsov Igor Viktorovich, Authorized Representative for Cossack Affairs at the Moscow Government.

The Members of the Guardian Council are:
- Chentsov Igor Viktorovich, Authorized Representative for Cossack Affairs  at the Moscow Government;

- Platov Pavel Ivanovich – ataman of the Yenisei Cossack Host, secretary of the Guardian Council of the Foundation;

- Gusev Boris Nikolaevich – ataman of the Volga Cossack Host;

- Bondarev Vasily Pavlovich – ataman of the Tersk Cossack Host;

- Belkov Yuri Petrovich – ataman of the Orenburg Cossack Host;

- Shakhov Nikolai Ivanovich – ataman of the Irkutsk Cossack Host;

- Bogdanov Alexandr Valisievich – ataman of the Zabaikalsk Cossack Host;

- Poluyanov Viktor Alexeevich – ataman of the Ussuryisk Cossack Host;

- Kazarezov Igor Valentinovich – first deputy ataman of the Don Cossack Host;

- Zhihor Vitaly Alexeevich – first deputy ataman of the Siberia Cossack Host;

- Doluda Nikolai Alexandrovich – ataman of the Kuban Coassack Host.

In order to achieve its charter goals, the Foundation is entitled to perform:
- Essential business activities, including the creation of business entities; publishing activities; charity work in accordance with the charity programs of the Foundation;

- Foreign economic activities pursuant to and within the limits of the charter activities in accordance with the procedure set forth by the laws of the RF. 

The Foundation does not receive an income from the Budget and may use all its profits to achieve the charter goals.