1. The opening of representative establishments in all Federal districts with the purpose of ensuring effective work directly with the compact settlements of the Cossacks and cooperation with Cossack military societies and the Cossack public associations.

The Foundation has opened its first representative establishment in the Southern Federal District with its powers applying to the Northern Caucasus Federal District in order to maintain the existing relationships with the three largest Cossack military communities – the Don Cossack Host, the Kuban Cossack Host and the Tersk Cossack Host.

It is planned to open the next representative establishment in March-April 2010 on the Siberian Federal District with its powers applying to the Far East Federal District.

2. The Creation of Authorized Organizations of the Foundation dedicated to providing, together with the Representative Establishments of the Foundation, methodical, legal and organizational support of Cossack participation in:

- The implementation of federal and institutional target programs as well as municipal programs;
- Competitions and tenders for governmental orders for supplies of goods and services, including agricultural products, for the system of educational institutions, for the Ministry of Defense, for the system of the Head Department of the Penitentiary etc.

The status of Authorized Organization of the Foundation shall be provided to business entities, which have proved to be a successful and reliable partner for a long period of time. There is a strict limitation – no more than one authorized organization in each business area within the territory of each Federal District.

A number of organizations in the Southern Federal District were the first to attain this status.

3. The creation of an educational system/system of further training for district/divisional atamans in the field of social and economic management.

Today, development work is being completed for the pilot project (to be launched in the second quarter of 2010) which will be implemented on the basis of the Training, Scientific and Innovation Complex “The Institute of Further Training - Southern Russian Area Studies” at the Southern Federal University.

4. The support of Cossack cadet corps and talents amongst young Cossacks.

The Foundation has taken under its guidance the Moscow Cossack Cadet Corps named after the Holy and blessed Prince Daniel of Moscow, which was created in 2004.

The issue of guidance of the school of traditional people’s crafts in Kuban is being looked at. Amongst the near-term plans – the introduction of a Foundation scholarship for the cadets who excel in their studies and creative work, amongst those studying in the Cossack cadet corps.

5. Interaction with the Russian Orthodox Church.

A special Department to cooperate with the ROC and the post of Deputy Director General to had it were created within the Foundation, which enables constant contact to be kept with a range of synodal departments.

As well as this, the Foundation offers informational and analytical support to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

6. The formation of partnerships with foreign Cossack communities.

As of now, we have established contact with one of the most interesting foreign Cossack entities – the Life-guard Cossack Regiment of His Majesty located in France.

Work to establish contact with several European Cossack associations continues (Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia etc.).