Mikhail Kreymer: «We will do everything to help the Cossacks»

Креймер Михаил ДмитриевичThe Russian Cossacks have always been a bulwark of the State, an example of service to the Fatherland, a role model with an invincible spirit and the strength of faith. Any challenge the Cossacks had to go through was always met with honor and even in the hardest times that honor was the virtue that always distinguished the Cossacks from others.
A combination of historical traditions and experience has interestingly led the Cossack organizations to become an example of true democracy in the modern day. The Cossacks elect their atamans themselves, demand results from them and, when necessary, educate them, thereby putting special meaning into the term “people power”. As a result, only those people who are capable of inspiring and leading others, and who are ready to serve their Motherland and meet the challenges which the Motherland requires from them become the leaders of Cossack communities.
Today the State Register of Cossack Communities accounts for over 740 thousand Cossacks unified into 10 military and 6 self-organized district Cossack communities. This is not only a large number of our people united by a common historical background and tradition; it is a significant and authoritative power which is a bulwark of the Russian State, and an expression of the hopes and expectations of many of our people.
It was not a coincidence that the President of Russia has approved the Concept of the state policy of the RF with respect to the Russian Cossacks. This has allowed the process of the revival of the Russian Cossacks to begin, by improving its level of organization, and also by creating the necessary conditions for the restoration of the historical function of the Cossack – the state military service.
Another important strategic area is the revival and development of the spiritual and cultural basis of the Russian Cossacks and the strengthening of family traditions and patriotic upbringing of young Cossacks.
Within the scope of this policy, we will develop and implement programs, which will help to return the Cossacks to their former historical role in Russia. We will promote the strengthening of relations between Russian and foreign Cossack organizations and help in returning the cultural values of the Russian Cossacks to the country.
We will also support in all possible ways talented young Cossacks, not only by providing financial support, but also by taking part in the organization of their military and patriotic education.
As for the spiritual and moral education of the young generation, the Charter of our Foundation states that one of its most important objectives is to support the orthodox foundation of the Cossacks by providing organizational and financial support for the restoration of orthodox churches in areas of compact settlements of the Cossacks and the restoration and development of monuments.
I can promise that we will do our utmost to implement these plans as soon as possible.

Mikhail Kreymer, the General Director of the International Foundation for the Support of Cossacks.